Key Stage Four



Examination Board: WJEC

Entrance Requirements: A keen interest in History, which will be demonstrated by Year 7, 8 and 9 levels

Assessment Structure: 

Year 10

Unit 1: Study in Depth – Wales and the Wider Perspective

Written examination: 1 hour

25% of qualification

Unit 2: Study in Depth – History with a World Focus

Written examination: 1 hour

25% of qualification

Year 11

Unit 3: Thematic Study

Written examination: 1 hour and 15 mins

25% of qualification

Unit 4: Controlled Asssessment

25% of qualification


Students will learn about a wide variety of historical events and periods, ranging from topics such as the Blitz and evacuation during World War II, to developing and understanding of the problems facing America, such as prohibition, gangsters and the KKK.

Students will develop the ability to analyse and evaluate historical sources and interpretations, as well as being able to consider change, cause and significance of specific aspects of history. They will develop these skills through the examination papers and also the controlled assessment,  which will explore the reasons why Hitler and the Nazis came to power and the impact on life in Germany.

History is an academic subject which equips students with important skills which are of use in a variety of careers.