Podcast: Charlie Chaplin and The Great Dictator


charlie chaplin


The most successful film of Charlie Chaplin’s career was also the most controversial: in The Great Dictator, Chaplin viciously satirised Hitler before the US entered World War II, and the comedy helped rally a previously war-shy American public. We’ll explore the connections between Chaplin and Adolf Hitler, and explain why most of Hollywood tried to stop The Great Dictator from being made. Then we’ll switch gears to discuss how Chaplin’s wartime activism and his troubled personal life collided to benefit J. Edgar Hoover, who spent thirty years trying to prove that Chaplin was dangerously un-American.

Listen to this podcast by author and journalist Karina Longworth, where she discusses the links between one of the most famous actors of the 1920s, Charlie Chaplin, and Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.


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